Midi Maxi

Burgundy Maxi Skirt - eBay
White Batwing Cardigan - Primark (Similar)
Faux Suede Chain Bag (Old) - Next (Similar)
White Flatform Wedges - Primark (Similar)
Chain Belt - Sassy World (Similar)
Sunglasses (Prescription) - ROXY @ Specsavers   

Today I am going to share with you my favourite trick for a quick new outfit this summer! I do this with all my maxi skirts and its is the perfect way to come up with a new look for absolutely no extra money whatsoever! 

All I simply do is hitch up the waistband of my skirt, just above my boobs and belt it round my waist and VOILA! a new midi dress! Of course, not all maxi’s will be able to do it, only those with an elasticated waist and made from a jersey-like material. Also, look out for belt loops which can easily be unpicked or hidden! 

However if you haven’t got one, I would seriously invest. 2 outfits in one! what more could you want? They are so cheap, whether you are getting one from Primark, which should only set you back £10 or less or you have a little browse on eBay where they are going even cheaper! 

You can style yours however you like for daytime or evening and they are the quickest outfit ever! Today I was being a lady who lunches (mmm food) and this seemed perfect for hiding my full belly. Hope you like it!

Let me know if you do things like this with any of your other items! I need to know these tips! 

Thanks for reading! 

p.s. excuse my hilarious bitch face in one image on the gif. 


High Necks & Patterned Legs

Khaki Bomber Jacket - Primark (Similar
White Polo Neck - ASOS
Faux Leather Backpack - Primark (Similar
Patterned Peg Trouser - ASOS (Similar)
Lace Up Flats - Primark (Similar)
Lipstick Shade Plumalicious - BeautyUK

So, I am unsure about high necks as I have rather a few chins and they tend to collect or rest upon my top! But this little number was in the sale and the neck looked rather baggy so I thought I may get away with it! I actually kind of love it now and have put it into my ‘classy top’ section of my wardrobe! 

My peg trousers you may have seen me in before in khaki and black, I said in a previous post that I have 5 pairs of these as I love them so much and they are so comfy! These ones are a little more jazzy and eye-catching but I love the pattern and its probably the only yellow/gold thing in my wardrobe! Anything for a bit more colour ey! 

Lastly my shoes are an amazing little lace-up Altuzarra dupe from Primark and perfect for summer, although my amazing (not) self-timer photography skills, cropped the end of my feet off! 

I also thought I would start telling you about my lipstick as I believe it can make an outfit! It is a dark, berry red/purple colour and I love it because it matches my hair! It is so cheap as well from BeautyUK and I think my lovely housemate bought it for me from Superdrug! 

So I hope you like how I have styled my funky trews and baggy turtle neck! Thankyou for reading if you have! 

Luff Luff! 


Mac N Stripes

Khaki/Bottle Green Mac - Primark (Similar)
Black & White Crop - Primark (Similar)
High Waist Peg Trousers - ASOS
Adidas Leopard ZX Flux - Footlocker (Similar
Gold Hoop Earrings - Claire’s
So I have been absent for longer than intended due to my immune system being as weak as a single vodka and coke. I have had fevers, colds, dodgy stomachs and I am currently on 8 penicillin a day for tonsillitis. NOT good. Anyway I am back in Surrey now for Summer and have my Mumma looking after me, the best thing when you’re feeling ill I think! 

 So I decided to take the photos in direct sunlight and have weird shadows all over my face. Nice one Liv. So sorry about that guys! Anyway I managed to salvage them somewhat so I could show you my favourite coat at the moment. I haven’t been anywhere without this lightweight mac from Primark recently. It’s the perfect coat for english summertime, when it gets chilly in the evenings and to be honest in the daytime too! 

This little crop is my new favourite top for the summer although its black, I am starting to appreciate a stripe a lot more every now and then, despite being told by everyone to avoid horizontals as they make you look larger. Well I have decided that I don’t care anymore! I like them so I shall wear them! Also I am going to try and start tagging my jewellery, which will mostly be large hoop earrings like the ones I have in now. The bigger the better in my opinion! 

Also, I haven’t had my hair cut! Its just tucked in! I kind of liked it like this but I would never cut it this short! I’m pretty sure, half my brain is hidden up in my barnet, also its pretty frizzy today, apologies again. Anyway I hope you like my outfit and hopefully I will be on here a lot more! Looking forward to writing some new posts and getting all your opinions! 

Luff Luff! x


Black & Denim

Denim Shirt - Charity Shop (Similar)
Black Skater Skirt - eBay (Originally New Look)
Black Blazer - Primark (Similar
Black Pull On Boots - Primark (Similar
Purple Lipstick in shade “Depraved” - Make Up Revolution 

So if you hadn't noticed I got my nose pierced! Or re-pierced as I used to have it done 2 years ago, and I love it! For anyone who is thinking about doing it, it actually doesn’t hurt as much as you think. The only reason why I took my piercing out before is because I kept losing the studs and playing with it too much. This time I am going to stock up on studs and leave it alone! Although its day 2 and I still can’t stop playing with it! Don’t do what I’m doing! 

I’ve also decided to start telling you guys about what lipstick I’m wearing because I love this colour and have started wearing lipstick pretty much every day now. Its crazy how it just gives you that little confidence boost no matter what colour. 

My outfit today is so simple, a mixture of wardrobe essentials everyone should have and its also very cost effective. Shopping in charity shops is my favourite thing to do because you never know what gems you can find! The best kind are the staple pieces everyone has one too many of and needs to get rid of. 

Like this denim shirt, which only cost £5 when a good quality one would usually set you back around £30/40! My skirt was only £3 from eBay, which is a great place to look for wardrobe essentials, like the black skater. Finally black blazer was only around £15 and my boots were around the same price, also from Primark and both staple pieces for your wardrobe! 

You don’t have to look far for good quality essentials that can be worn over and over and restyled as many ways as you can think!

This will probably be my last post for a while as I have many deadlines looming, will have no time and be stress a la stressed! Also, big thank you to my housemate and bestie Rach for taking these pics, I shall be posting her outfit soon too as she looks fabbity fab. Some of the images are taken on my Canon and the others on her Sony which is why my face looks a little blurry and airbrushed.

 Hope you all had a lovely Easter/Spring Break! 

Luff x


Crushin’ on Crochet

I know its early to start looking at things for summer, but hey, english weather is so unpredictable and looking at the history of sunshine over easter, us brits usually get a couple of days which are worth baring a bit of skin for and right now this is definitely the case! Any glimpse of sun and we are out with our BBQ’s and sun loungers, ridiculous, I know, but I love it! 

Anyway, this trend seems to come round every year and being the ASOS fanatic that I am, I have spotted it cropping up everywhere. Crochet. The knitwear of the summer. I have never really been a fan of the crochet square dress but there seems to be a few coming up which are more subtle than the sassy bright numbers which I am not quite brave enough to wear! 

I spotted this little patterned number by Violet Skye on ASOS and its more of an open crochet so I probably wouldn’t be brave enough to wear just underwear underneath for festival attire but maybe I would just be brave to wear it over a bikini by the pool. I would also wear it with just a strappy cami vest underneath to really make the little hint of colour pop. 

This lovely maxi which is also by Violet Skye comes in black and white and I love the simplistic fishnet quality to it, alike the dress before and most other crochet dresses I would probably wear, as an added layer of texture rather than braving them by themselves. But hey, maybe one day as they do look fabuloso! Yes fabuloso. 

Next on the list of dresses is this summery patchwork number. Its not quite as bright as some of the other ones I’ve seen and it sticks to one sunset-like pink colour palette which is easier to style and amazingly girly. Love it. 

Moving onto crochet tops which are the key item for festival goers and a little bit of a struggle to find if you are slightly larger in the breast department like I am. Tie-up little crops are perfect for us top heavy girls and these two are the perfect little numbers, if the sun ever breaks through the clouds in the UK, or if you are going to a festival in a hot country. The one with the coloured pattern is also by Violet Skye, buy it here! The little black one is available in white too, buy it here

Lastly is this amazing crochet bag which is perfect for summer, just the right size for carrying all your essentials on a summer day and has beautiful detailing. 
(All images courtesy of asos.com)

I don’t know about you but I will definitely be adding a few pieces to my summer wardrobe! 

Hope you like my ASOS selections and make sure to check out the rest of Violet Skye's amazing crochet pieces on their ASOS store! 

Crochet is the way!


The Other Fresh Prince

Carlton T-Shirt - Primark Man (Similar)
Geometric Trousers - New Look (Similar)
Waterfall Duster Coat - Vila @ ASOS (Similar)
Adidas Leopard ZX Flux - Foot Locker (Similar)

My outfit today is a little bit throwback, not just because it has a little nineties vibe but because a few months back I posted an outfit with my Will Smith tee and today I’m posting my Carlton tee, hence the name of my post! I wear this all the time and my friends roll their eyes when i have it on but strangers seem to compliment me. Either way I’m not gonna stop wearing it! 

I thought I might clash a few prints today as well, I decided to bust out another pair of clown trousers, this time its my geometric pattern purple ones, these are so comfy swell which is a bonus. I think the leopard print on my trainers makes them pop perfectly and they are a go to combo for me when I want to be colourful - keeping to my resolution. 

I hope you like my outfit and it gives you the confidence to attempt a print and colour clash too! If I can do it, anyone can! 


BlackJack & A Touch of Sass

First of all, for some reason my GIF won't work, so there isn't one in this post! (Sorry)

Jack Daniels Vest - And Finally @ Topshop
Black Mesh Midi Dress - H&M (Similar)
Pink Coat - River Island (Similar)
Green Fur Stole - Boohoo (Similar)
Nike Air Force 1 Hi - Office

So in my opinion, 2015 is the year of the sass. Everyone is saying it, acting it and being as fierce as the little brunette emoji working that hair flip. For me it doesn't take much, a good mood, an empowering song, or a feel good outfit. One thing that does help is a little bit of fur. All fake of course to avoid a fashion faux pas. 

There is just something about the texture which oozes glamour and you can’t help but feel it when you wear it. You can probably tell by my pictures this week, I got a little to into it but hey, who wants boring ootd pics when you can look this sassy! For a killer combo team a bold lip with your fluffy textures for even more gumption! (thank you Kate Winslet, The Holiday). 

I hope my more playful expressions and body language help you bring out your inner fabulousness. LUFF LUFF. 


My First Pair Of Culottes

Prince of Wales Check Culottes - Boohoo
Long Sleeve Crop - Topshop
Camel Coat - Missguided
Leopard Zip Boots - Pink Soda @ Bank (Similar)
Mock Croc Cross Body Bag - Charity Shop (Similar)

First of all, I'd like to apologise for my weird squinty facial expressions in these pictures, I think it was a mixture of sun in my eyes and maybe trying to channel a moody look, embarrassing I know. SOZ. Oh and also I have tried out a fade effect on my GIF, whaddya think? I know its a little jumpy and not quite right yet, but hey, practice makes perfect right. I'll be GIFted (eheheh) at making these soon. 

I remember watching my mum get ready when I was younger and like most little girls, loving it. Whether it was for work or a night out, I remember her putting on a pair of plain black culottes and being confused as to whether they were shorts or trousers in my fashion naivety. 

I had the same feeling towards them more recently when I saw them reappearing in the street style snaps. But like most trends I have been won over and now own a pair! I love that these are wide leg and could be mistaken as a skirt. SURPRISE! 

Anyway, I hope you like how I’ve styled them! Thanks for reading!