Dream Team - Jumper Dresses & Thigh Highs

Jumper Dress - H&M 
Camel Coat - Primark (Similar)
Ethan Thigh High Boots - Office
Tote Bag - ZARA 

Big wooly jumpers are about the only thing which I can steal from my housemates, as their tops and skirts only just make it around my thighs! (I have actually tried this... Result = hilarious and surprisingly not depressing!) So this neutral number naturally made its way into my room.

Of course this beaut of a knit had to be paired with my over the knee boots. I just think big jumpers are the best thing in winter and they look fabulous with your fave thigh high footwear. (Little tongue twister?

So. Nothing revolutionary, just easy, peasy, simple, pimple, comfortable-ness. Hope you like it!



Double Up Your Jackets for Winter

Pink Denim Jacket - ASOS
Camo Jacket - Not 100% sure where this came from?! (Similar)
Shirt dress - Primark (Similar)
Ethan Boots - Office (LOVE)
Silver Backpack - New Look [Old] (Similar)

You know when you want to wear a certain coat but you know it's definitely a "summer jacket". Well then my friends. DOUBLE IT UP

So lads and ladies, I wanted to wear my pink denim but knew it was too chilly outside so I put it with my old camouflage number underneath and what do you know. Magic. I'm sure lots have people have done this before but, well, its my turn now. Thankyou please. 

As for my shirt dress and thigh highs, got this outfit inspo from the beautiful Nadia Aboulhosn (Check her blog here) although her boots are a little different to mine, but still so fierce! 

Lastly, living with a group of girls is amazing because you can steal all their accessories (^My bag^) and this one especially makes me feel like a space alien. Which I love, of course.

And thats it! thanks for reading me waffling on guys! 

Muchos gra├žias! 


Bold Lips & A Casual Outfit

Polo Neck - Charity Shop [£2-BARGAIN!] (Similar here
Khaki Peg Trousers - ASOS
Air Force 1 - Office 
Black Oversized Coat - Charity Shop [Also a bargain!] (Similar here
Lips - Rebel With Cause @ Makeup Revolution

This is such a good outfit for when you just want to be comfy but also emit that 90's Sass. You all know what I mean. 

I've mentioned them before, I'll mention them again, the comfiest trousers ever. The high waist and just baggy enough so you aren't self conscious about any problem areas. Also not too baggy that you are tripping up on the crotch... It can be a problem okay..?! 

The polo neck - classic for keeping warm and looking fabulous, am I right or am I right?! Watch out for the sneaky double chin with these though! That shit ain't pretty, heads held high please cherubs! 

Finally my babies. These guys have been through too much and I should probably get some more Air Force 1's but I just don't think I can let go yet. Also, I reckon any trainers would go with this outfit or even some Timbs, ooh plot twist! 

Top a casj outfit off with a bold lip and you are cooking with gas, winning at life and all the rest. It smartens up any outfit whilst also supplying multiple levels of sassiness. No word of a lie. 

Hope you like it my little chicken nuggets. Love to you all. 


A Birthday Week

Whilst living with friends, your birthday doesn't just last for a day. 
It lasts for a week. 
At least thats how we like to do it! 
This past week has been pretty crazy and heres a few snaps of what we got up to! 

Yes that is a giant stuffed panda cuddling a smaller stuffed panda on my sofa. Why is it there? Why not. 

Plunge Halterneck Jumpsuit - Glamorous @ ASOS
Devil Costume Pack - ASOS
(Both items on sale. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge)

Yes. It is a poor attempt of dressing up like a devil. But how cute are my little sequin horns and trident! The choker came with the set too and I think I may be able to just take the little red heart off and wear it normally. BONUS. 

My gorgeous housemate Alysha and I. 
We got matching costume sets. 
(Well, I copied her because she is a genius.) 

The sexy mamacita that was the birthday girl, complete with sassy black wings.
(The theme was angels vs devils if you hadn't guessed.)

Toilet selfie *hair flip*

To finish below. I thought I would share with you all our amazing hangover food after the third night out. (I only have pictures of one night though for some reason?!) We all went to Revs (Revolution/VodkaRevs) and I had a buttermilk fried chicken burger with all the trimmings ofc, yes it was as good as it sounds, AND and I ordered a side of mac n cheese - to die for. 
Worth a trip my little chiquitas. 

(P.S. This photo was taken by my housemate William. I was far too hungover to function.)

Hope you all had a good week too! 
Let me know whatchya think of my outfit!



THIS IS MY 100TH POST ON MY BLOG GUYS. Really quite impressed I have stuck at it, despite having breaks. I’m still riding that horse. YES. 

A-n-y-way. This little ramble is all about my yearly GOALZ. 

  • less lazy 
  • take my camera everywhere 
  • buy less impulsively and just for the sake of it
  • wear neglected things in my wardrobe more often 
  • post more variety
I have definitely been less lazy, but I could probably be a little more proactive. Will probably try and keep this one up, but I feel like this one is semi accomplished. 

As for taking my camera everywhere. I haven’t done. This one is a little more unrealistic for me as I hardly ever go anywhere! I’m going to change this one to “Use my camera more.” As I feel like it is wasted! 

I have definitely learnt not to buy just for the sake of it. I now listen to the little voice in my head telling me I don’t really need that top just because it is £9 in the sale, although that other voice still screams “DO IT”.

I think I still need to wear more of my wardrobe. Carrying that one over. 

Same with the variety of post content. Carrying over as well.

So to sum up, not a complete fail on last years resolutions but not quite success. I’m not gonna beat myself up though. ROLL ON 2016. 

  • Be more honest. 
  • Build up staple items in my wardrobe
  • Stop procrastinating. (Stop faffing.)
  • Accessorise more. 
  • Use my camera more
  • Wear more of my wardrobe
Now for some explanations…

There has been a few articles floating round the inter web recently about peoples ‘lives looking great on social media but not in real life’. I think I am quite bad for this as I love an edit, a cheeky photoshop tweak, nothing major, just hiding scars and mahoosive spots on my face. But I think a change will be made form now on. 

As for the staples. I feel like my wardrobe is a little random, I don’t even own a pair of jeans anymore. I got carried away and a little scissor happy whilst customising… I need to get me some basic staple items. 

Now this one is pretty bad. I am such a time waster and I don’t even know how?! I can spend up to 2 hours deciding on an image layout for instagram. Ridiculous. I need to get in the bin. 

My fourth resolution is pretty self explanatory and the last two I have already told you about, so thats it! Lets hope I do better than last year!

Fanks for reading guys! Wish me luck!