Shirt & Skirt

Denim Shirt - Charity Shop (Similar)
Cream Gingham Skirt - Primark (Similar)
Leopard Boots - Pink Soda @ BANK (Similar - I LOVE THESE)
Zip Cross Body Bag - Primark (Similar
Bracelet Watch - Skagen 

Bonjour mes petits dejeuners!

(Yes I know that means ‘hello my little breakfasts’ but it sounds so affectionate in french. I LOVE IT)

In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to try a denim look with a darker shade on top and lighter on the bottom. I haven’t got round to purchasing a lighter denim skirt but i do have this cream skirt which is definitely lighter than the denim! So here we are! 

Now, denim seems to be featuring a lot recently, and I would just like to mention, you can NEVER have enough of it. I have 4 shirts, 4 jackets, 1 pair of dungarees, 1 pair of shorts, and 1 pair of jeans. I NEED MORE. Actually listing it has made me realise how little I have, 10 pieces is NOTHING! GIMMEEE 

A-n-y-way... I love the contrast my skirt adds to the look and I thought I needed to get my boots out again. After all they were made for walking!

So thats it from me, hope you like what you see!

Remember rhyme is not a crime.

Stopping now.

Au Revoir! 



So I haven’t posted about music in a while and its usually about the actual music video, BUT, I have just come across this song via twitter and its a proper cheese ball girl anthem. AMAZING. 

To describe ‘Love Myself’ as a song, would be to say that it is pretty much what it says on the tin. However, I mean this in the refreshing sense, not the bitchy and snotty way. Powerful lines such as “Gonna love myself, no, I don’t need anybody else” repeated throughout the chorus and one liners like “I’m gonna put my body first” scream empowerment, compared to the whinging and whining about heartbreak which we all love to love. Don’t deny it. 

I heard Hailee Steinfeld sing when I watched her in Begin Again and Pitch Perfect 2 and I wondered if she would ever integrate into the music world more than just a musical or two. NOW HERE SHE IS! 

So here is the audio for “Love Myself”, I know its cliché and not intensely deep and soul-touching, but you know what, its a catchy song and makes you feel good! NOTHIN WRONG WITH THAT. 

Enjoy mes petit pois.


Double Bubble

Light Denim Shirt - Primark (Similar)
Denim Button Down Skirt - Charity Shop (Similar)
Thigh High Boots - eBay
Tan Belt - H&M (Similar)
Zip Cross Body Bag - Primark (Similar) 
Light Waterfall Duster Coat - Vila 
Bracelet Watch - Skagen 

I have finally got my hands on a button down denim skirt, and it only cost me £5.50 from a charity shop! With a little trim to alter the hem length it was ready for wearing! Although, you may be able to see, the skirt is a bit too big and has a slight paper bag look too it rather than the desired A-line style. BUT HEY HO! I’m gonna wear it anyway! 

I decided to to full out double trouble with the denim because, its my favourite way to style it and the buttons just happen to match/mismatch up too! I went for a lighter shade on top because I don’t think my darkest shirt is the right shade for the skirt. (Tongue twister much!) So a stonewash button down is next on my wish list! 

My thigh high’s go together with the denim perfectly, in my opinion, and are fast becoming my favourite footwear! These babies just happened to be a bargain too, coming from eBay at only £29.99 instead of the much pricier options you may see in other stores and online. 

Once again I am the queen of the bargains. *Hair-flip*

Love to the kids!


High Neck, Wide Leg

High Neck Top - ASOS (Similar
Wide Leg Jumpsuit - Primark (Similar
Cross Wedge Sandals - Primark (Similar
Tan Belt - H&M (Similar
Reversible Tote - Zara
Pom Pom - Dune
Bracelet Watch - Skagen 
Cat Eye Sunglasses - Karen Millen @ Specsavers

Ello poppets! 

So. I have been wanting a wide legged trouser of some sort for a while now when I remembered I had this jumpsuit, (See old post here!) albeit crumpled under piles of clothes in my chest of drawers. I resurrected the tile print wonder and it still fits! Major result for me, due to the large amount of tea and biscuit consumption recently, I REGRET NOTHING. 

I decided to style the jumpsuit as trousers, just by tucking the top part in and adding a belt. You could also just layer over a top like I previously did with my leaf jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is so comfy and lightweight for hot summer days (rare in the UK, but they do exist!) 
Although I do wish the trousers would flare a little at the bottom, As you can probably tell, they are narrower at the ankle, like a wide leg peg trouser. I suppose I will just have to buy some more trousers. NEVER MIND AYY!

I hope you like my look and remember! Don’t forget the little gems in the back of your wardrobe! 

Love Love


Daisy Button Down

Oversized Polo Neck Jumper - H&M (Similar)
Long Sleeve Crop - Topshop (Similar
Daisy Button Down Skirt - Charity Shop (Similar)
Classic Timberlands - ASOS
Purple Mock Croc Satchel - Charity Shop (Similar)
Pom Pom - Dune 
Bracelet Watch - Skagen

I absolutely love this skirt, not just because of the colour and the cute daisy print, or the fact that it has a button down front, which I have seen everywhere recently, BUT, because I got it in the charity shop for £4. I KNOW! Winner winner chicken dinner over here! Although I must admit I did trim the bottom off, as the skirt was originally more of a midi length. 

I decided to pair the skirt with a plain black, long sleeve top as it was a little chillier today. Then later on I threw on my huge cosy polo neck as you can see the skirt through the side slits! I do think this skirt would go with almost anything though, another reason I love it! 

Timberlands were the obvious choice for me as I wear mine, pretty much, every day. I think thigh high boots or gladiator sandals would suit too, but like I said earlier, it goes with almost anything. ITS A MAGIC SKIRT

I hope you like how I have styled my beautiful bargain!

Muchos luvos.



So very recently, this month in fact, I turned the magical age of 21 and I loved it. For me turning 18 was amazing because it meant I could go OUT OUT. I mean, life as a teenager in Surrey mainly consisted of drinking alcohol. Whether it was at a house party, down the park, or in a random field, (the epitome of class) alcohol was consumed which inevitably led to many a funny story. 

So when all the birthdays came around and one by one all my friends started to show up to college on a friday with a hangover. (thursday night was student night) I was so ready to join them in my heels, cocktail in hand, dancing round a cramped and sweaty club. It was all I wanted! (still ever so classy!) 

I did love the parties, a little too much in fact, I broke my arm one night, in a dance off, talented I know. But going out is what I really craved and finally, being one of the last of my friendship group, it happened, the big 1-8! 

Then I went straight off to uni which meant more alcohol consumption and a lot more of going out, but I’ll save that story for another day. What I’m trying to get at is that, drinking legally in a bar, pub or club is probably the best thing about turning 18. So why does 21 feel so much better? 

Legally, its really not more exciting. But the celebrating is. Being at uni in a different city, I barely get to see any family or friends from home, so birthdays mean parties and parties mean reconciliation, laughing at our younger selves and just generally having such a good time. I suppose the fact that these events become rarer and further apart makes them more special and as a result better. 

(Some photos are taken on phones so will be bad quality, sorry!) 

I just thought I would share a few photos from my birthday and a few of my friends parties that I have been to, just to show you that it really is MAZIN. So, if you have a birthday coming up, 21 or not, make the most of it, because it will be fabulous no matter what. 

Much luff


Leaves & Lace-Ups

Crochet Trim Top - New Look (Similar)
Leaf Jumpsuit - New Look (Similar)
Lace Up Pumps - Primark (Similar)
Belt (Old) - H&M (Similar)
Purple Cross Body Bag - Charity Shop (Similar)
Pom Pom - Dune 
Sunglasses - Karen Millen @ Specsavers 
Watch - Skagen

When I saw this jumpsuit I knew I had to have it, they are the most comfortable thing for summer that is if you get the right fit, otherwise you end up with a hungry bum and camel toe. NOT GOOD. I find this can be quite hard for us taller ladieeez. I’m only 5ft8/9 but its still a problem! 

Anyway I love wearing green because I think it goes really well with my hair, if I do say so myself *hair flip emoji* and who doesn't love a good leaf print in the summer?! I decided to belt it to enhance my waist and layer over a little white top, just because! Of course I have my lace-up sandals on as well because the sun is shining and the weather is sweet! Got to be done! 

Lastly I want to mention my amazing ball of sunshine that is my little yellow pompom which I got for my birthday from my gorgeous Jessica May and I can’t stop clipping it to every bag I use! I love it! FANKYOU JESS!

Hope you like my outfit!

LEAF a comment if you wish! (See what I did eyy) 

Muchos luff