Topshop Wishlist

So, I spend half my spare time scrolling through clothing websites and creating wishlists, shopping bags, notebooks, lists etc. Basically grouping all the things I would buy if I won the lottery. Superficial, but what can I say? I love shopping.

I like to think everyone else does this as well so lets just assume for now...

Therefore I thought I'd share my Topshop desires for January with everyone! (Click the images to link you to the items page.) 

First of all, is this amazing slogan tee. Amazing why? You may ask... Sequins, pink and the slogan itself. Why wouldn't you want this? A classic tee with a little bit of sass and sparkle. 

Next is this khaki/white, ombre/dip-dye shirt. Khaki seems to be relevant every Spring/Summer because everyone forecasts back to the military and utility trend and tries to recreate it. This shirt looks perfect to just throw on with some skinnies for an effortless and casual look.

Leopard. It just never goes out of style and I cant get enough of it. I love the aline shape and simplicity. It definitely could be the statement piece of animal print that everyone needs in their wardrobe. Thinking about it now, teamed with my desired slogan tee, it would create the perfect Spice Girl look. 

I have been after a skirt like this for a while and I LOVE midis. I have at least 7 tucked up nicely in my drawer, so why not add another into the group?! Ever since I saw the pretty pastel skirts on the catwalk, around this time last year actually, for Burberry Prorsum SS14. I've been meaning to get my hands on one, though slightly more affordable of course! This one is such a gorgeous colour and so much less pricey than however much Burberry's is. 

The mule. Now I have been after a pair of these too. Not that I think I will be able to wear them because of heel height (I struggle with the pain - I'm a poor excuse for a girl.) but these little numbers have a clever little platform which saves people like me! I love the clean cut simplicity and cleated soles too. GIMME. 

Lastly from Topshop is this playsuit. Along with the colour, this ensemble nails a few other trends just in one piece. The D-Ring belt is a must have this season and I have seen it EVERYWHERE. Not to mention the high-neck which is also very popular recently. This would be the perfect easy outfit day or night, especially teamed up with some thigh highs.  

So I hope you like my choices and I hope my fairy godmother comes along and delivers me one of these pieces! I may just have to give in... I'm sure I have a gift card somewhere..?



So, I have been absent from my blog for a while now, due to intense deadlines in december, this horrible flu going around, having a busy January and in all honestly laziness. But here I am, finally back and glad, although admittedly I did think about giving up my blog. 

I thought to myself first of all, how am I going to keep up with my uni work as it is only going to get harder, when will I find time, who will take my pictures etc… Thinking about it, I’m just being lazy, slogging in front of the television and spending those precious extra minutes in the morning, pressing the snooze button. This is going to change. 

I also thought, this is so self obsessed and narcissistic to just post pictures of myself, what I’m wearing and other things that I like. But then I came across a recent post on one of my favourite blogs Fashion Slave, by Sophie Milner, which I discovered she thought the same, until she reminded herself the reason why she became a blogger. One reason was the confidence it gave her and others who have commented on her posts. I have had a few people I know come up to me and say that they like my blog and my friends are really supportive so thank you to everyone for boosting my confidence. 

Now I only hope to be able to boost other peoples confidence, being one of the plus size bloggers out there, I want to be able to give other people confidence to feel good in what they wear no matter what their size. 

Another reason Sophie continues blogging her fashion choices and other things is because in some ways, blogging is like a diary. Certain outfits may remind me of a certain occasion, event or moment in my life, and I can look back and reminisce. 

Finally, I want to carry on because I actually enjoy it, I know I’m still a beginner, but everyone starts somewhere right? I may even get better at this along the way! Who knows! 
In 2015 I plan to
  • not be so lazy 
  • take my camera everywhere 
  • buy less impulsively or just for the sake of buying
  • wear neglected things in my wardrobe more often 
  • post a variety of different things
  • wear more colour

I hope I’m not sitting here in December muttering ‘Oops’ to myself. 

Thank you for reading and supporting me! (Soz about the cheesiness..) 


All About These Boots

Black Swing Dress - eBay
Grey Oversize Coat - Primark (Similar here)
Green Fur Stole - Boohoo.com (Similar here)
NEW NEW NEW! Everything I was wearing today (apart form my coat) is new and its all pretty cheap which is a bonus. I’ve been after some boots with a little splash of leopard print and here they are, my new babies! As for the fur stole, I bought it for a photoshoot and I fell in love. 

What can I say? I’m addicted to clothes!

My housemate really doesn’t like these boots and I just can’t understand why! I’m in love! Hope you like my outfit, but more importantly my boots! 


Flying Bomber Jacket

First of all I would just like to say I seem to have a very odd pout/expression in these pictures, sooo please excuse that! Maybe I was just trying to channel my inner VB... facepalm! 

Bomber Jacket - Primark (Similar here)
Long Sleeve White Crop - Topshop 
Black Peg Trouser - ASOS
Timberland 6" Premium Lace Up Flat Boot - ASOS 

So I thought I’d show you one of my more casual day to day outfits, you know, the comfy ones which you just feel like you can do anything in. This outfit is my “go to” every morning and I like to change it in different ways as I have the same items in different colours and prints. 

The real focus on my outfit today is my amazing bomber jacket and I’ve been after one of these for a while and seriously considering forking out for an expensive one when I was casually shopping in Primark over the summer and this flash of indian orange caught my eye. It was one of the best purchases I have made this year. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and it is so warm for winter and just fabulous and it was only £16. Primarny genius.

Next of all my trousers, these are so comfy and I love that they are high-waisted, my favourite and in my opinion most comfortable fit. I originally bought these as a two pack with another pair which have white polka dots on them, then I knew I’d have to get another pair and then I got a pair with a gold pattern on and also got them in khaki, thats five pairs of the same trousers… okay so maybe I went over the top… but, THEY’RE AMAZING. 

As for having five pairs of the trousers, I also have this top in 3 different colours… it is a ribbed long sleeve crop from Topshop and just goes perfectly with the trousers and anything else high waisted, these are perfect for winter and my style down to a tee, pun intended HA!

Last but certainly not least, my beloved TIMBS. These are my babies, I am so protective over these, I won’t allow anyone else to wear them, unlike other shoe sharage in my house and quite rightly so at the costly amount on £160, I know. Not so affordable but definitely necessary, well maybe not but hey, I can assure all of you I am getting my wear out of them! 

So I hope you like my more casual, slightly 90’s outfit. Big love! 


For the First Time In Forever

Long Camel Coat - Missguided
White Oversized Batwing Shirt - Primark 
Black Joni Jeans - Topshop 
Black Suede Chelsea Boots - Primark 
Mock Croc Bag - H&M
Leopard Clutch/Laptop Case - eBay

Yesterday I bought a new pair of jeans for the first time in forever. I am sooooo not a jeans girl, I am more for slouching around in leggings or hareem pants/peg trousers, I just find them quite restricting and uncomfortable but I thought I’d give these a go. 

I’ve bought a pair of Joni jeans from Topshop before and been disappointed by their willingness to stretch and sag, I bought a size too big because I thought they would be comfier. I have also bought the same pair I’m wearing now but in a smaller size and on eBay as they were selling cheaper because they were “factory seconds” turns out I wasn’t doing so well with this jean ‘thing’. So I gave up!

Until Yesterday when I ventured into the now alien territory that is the Denim section, I managed to find the last pair in my size, and even those I thought wouldn’t fit, and my my was I pleasantly surprised. I thought the material would be stiff and rough on my skin but because of the style of shape of the jean they have a little stretch and are more like leggings than jeans, so instantly I was happy. Best purchase of November I think! 

Apologies for the image quality, for some reason my camera was set in JPEG rather than RAW and also a big thank you to my girl Eloise Peachey for snapping me on our way to the library, on this cold and miserable day. 

Long Camel Coat - Missguided
White Oversized Batwing Shirt - Primark 
Black Joni Jeans - Topshop 
Black Suede Chelsea Boots - Primark 
Mock Croc Bag - H&M
Leopard Clutch/Laptop Case - eBay



I have the worst nails, I hate their shape and they are so thin and bendy, especially from getting Acrylics which is so damaging! Today I was in desperate need of some new products, because as you can imagine, living in a house with 7 girls, things get borrowed, used, lost and forgotten about. So here is what I got and why! 

I had run out of polish remover and decided to get this one as Sally Hansen is such a trusted brand and it claims to strengthen soft and thin nails, which is exactly what I need! i decided to get a new buffer as mine is worn due to over buffing and attempting to rescue my nails from falsies damage! To top it off I bought some emery boards to file down and shape, as mine are always getting lost, I like to think they go to the same location that hair grips and bands get lost to!

As you can see, most of the nail varnishes are from Rimmel, and thats because I find the wider brush so much easier to use and the colours are my favourite too. (Especially Rita Ora's range!) I decided to go for another white as my last one has pretty much run out! Two different shades of blue for night and day, depending on how I’m feeling of course, and a black cherry for a flirty nighttime look! Then I spotted this matte topcoat from BarryM and knew I had to snap it up! Finally the Double Duty by Sally Hansen was recommended to me by a friend and it is genius, it helps strengthen my nails as a base and works wonders for chipping as a topcoat! 

So these are my nail purchases! Hope this has inspired you in brightening up your finger scales for winter! (Yes, I did just call them finger scales!)

Bottle Green

So I have been seeing this colour a lot recently, on some of my favourite blogs and on the high street, and started to fall in love with it. I had to snap it up somehow and what better way than in the form of a cosy winter jumper. This particular cable knit I’m wearing is, like many of my other jumpers, from Primark Man (Cedar Wood State). I have been buying mens clothes for a while now and the jumpers are perfect because of the cosy oversize fit and the low prices! You can also find great logo and printed tees and the best selection of wooly socks. Now next time you go shopping, don’t be afraid to venture into the foreign environment that is the menswear section, you never know what pieces you can find and fall in love with! 

Bottle Green Jumper - Primark
High Waist Black Trousers - ASOS
Nike White Air Force 1’s - Office
Black Faux Leather Rucksack - Primark
Gold Curb Chain - Primark


Back on the Blog

So I am very bad at keeping up appearances, but I haven’t given up completely! I am back on the blog after being back at uni for a couple of months now, so I have somewhat got back to a routine and therefore finally got round to taking pictures again! I seem to have accumulated a lot of new clothes as well… 

Cream Button Down Shirt - New Look (Here
Black Elephant Trousers - Primark 
Adidas Leopard Trainers - Foot Locker (Similar Here)
Black Fur Gilet - eBay
Black Leather Rucksack - Primark


Sounds of Saturday

So its official, summer is over and christmas is on the horizon, yes I am one of those people who get excited early. Why not?! It’s over far too quick anyway so why not make the most of it! Anyway back to my point, X-Factor is back on again and so is the feel good show of saturday nights, Strictly Come Dancing. Yes it may seem like one for the olds but it is a brilliant show, it just makes me feel good! But then again it could be all the glitter involved. Now I LOVE glitter. Obsessed. So all of this blabber does have a point and that is that Strictly fever seems to have rubbed off on the very popular Ed Sheeran. 

Ed’s new video for his heart achingly good new single, “Thinking Out Loud” features him and a very talented dancer moving around an empty theatre like they were born to. Most of the time Ed only makes a brief cameo appearance in his music videos but this time he takes centre stage and dances alongside his love interest. 

This music video doesn't really inspire me fashion-wise but it is so beautifully lit and the choreographing is amazing. The cute and playful dance is perfectly timed with the music and evokes a beautiful emotion between the two. As if I couldn’t fall in love with Ed Sheeran any more, with his cleverly charming and beautiful lyrics and down to earth nature. He goes and does this. I cant even… I love this video and the song and hope you do too. 


White Shirt Summer in Surrey

So it seems I have failed in being consistent, but hey, better late than never! Here is a quick update of my last two outfit posts in one! We had a rather sunny Surrey this September... (I couldn’t get more alliteration in if I tried!) So I thought I’d show you a couple of my outfits which I hadn’t got round to posting due to a busy month of tying up loose ends in Dorking and moving back to uni in Southampton. 

So here are my two white shirt looks, including both long and short sleeves. Please excuse the terrible lighting in these shots, I promise my camera skillz will get better!

White Boxy Shirt - ASOS
Pink Pleated Midi - Charity Shop 
Planet Hollywood Denim Jacket - eBay
Lace Up Leopard Boots - Missguided
Cross Body Bad - Primark 

White Oversized Shirt - H&M
Floral Shorts (Was Playsuit - Customised) - New Look
Chelsea Boots - River Island
Earrings - Primark 
Black Envelope Clutch - Primark