Sounds of Saturday

So its official, summer is over and christmas is on the horizon, yes I am one of those people who get excited early. Why not?! It’s over far too quick anyway so why not make the most of it! Anyway back to my point, X-Factor is back on again and so is the feel good show of saturday nights, Strictly Come Dancing. Yes it may seem like one for the olds but it is a brilliant show, it just makes me feel good! But then again it could be all the glitter involved. Now I LOVE glitter. Obsessed. So all of this blabber does have a point and that is that Strictly fever seems to have rubbed off on the very popular Ed Sheeran. 

Ed’s new video for his heart achingly good new single, “Thinking Out Loud” features him and a very talented dancer moving around an empty theatre like they were born to. Most of the time Ed only makes a brief cameo appearance in his music videos but this time he takes centre stage and dances alongside his love interest. 

This music video doesn't really inspire me fashion-wise but it is so beautifully lit and the choreographing is amazing. The cute and playful dance is perfectly timed with the music and evokes a beautiful emotion between the two. As if I couldn’t fall in love with Ed Sheeran any more, with his cleverly charming and beautiful lyrics and down to earth nature. He goes and does this. I cant even… I love this video and the song and hope you do too. 


White Shirt Summer in Surrey

So it seems I have failed in being consistent, but hey, better late than never! Here is a quick update of my last two outfit posts in one! We had a rather sunny Surrey this September... (I couldn’t get more alliteration in if I tried!) So I thought I’d show you a couple of my outfits which I hadn’t got round to posting due to a busy month of tying up loose ends in Dorking and moving back to uni in Southampton. 

So here are my two white shirt looks, including both long and short sleeves. Please excuse the terrible lighting in these shots, I promise my camera skillz will get better!

White Boxy Shirt - ASOS
Pink Pleated Midi - Charity Shop 
Planet Hollywood Denim Jacket - eBay
Lace Up Leopard Boots - Missguided
Cross Body Bad - Primark 

White Oversized Shirt - H&M
Floral Shorts (Was Playsuit - Customised) - New Look
Chelsea Boots - River Island
Earrings - Primark 
Black Envelope Clutch - Primark



I have decided to stay true to my word and keep posting more often and different style posts! Despite my lazy personality!

So I wanted to share with you one of my favourite things to do and where I get some of my style inspiration from and if you hadn’t already guessed from the title, its music videos! I spend quite a lot of time on vevo.com watching artists new releases and it excites me to see what concepts most of them have come up to match their music. 

Most of the time it will be a classic female artist dancing in a location or in front of a green screen with many different outfit changes, which can be quite samey to watch for around 3 minutes, but the styling involved can have a large effect on the fashion world. Cheryl Cole’s ‘Fight For This Love’ was a prime example of this and her iconic red jacket ensemble sparked military fashion everywhere. I remember trying on my very own jacket similar to hers and wanting to emit the same powerful attitude as she does in the video

But hey, we can’t all be styled by Julien Macdonald from day to night in our lives. I wanted to share with you my current style inspiration from these past few weeks which comes from M.O’s new song “Dance On My Own.” Their video follows a similar format to that I have just described only the 3 girls are singing and dancing along on a backdrop of an empty car park and rooftops with a London skyline. The girls sing along to the track, which I LOVE by the way, throwing shapes and sass along with their effortless style.

I love the nineties style, especially the use of denim, throwing back to a vibe of Destiny's Child in their Tommy Hilfiger get ups. I also love that the three girls are rocking their classic timberland boots and I am desperate to get my hands on a pair for myself. Finally the tropical style co-ord worn by one of the girls is great outfit inspiration for this weekend as it is finally BESTIVAL!!!!! (Can you tell I’m excited!) 

Here is the music video! Let me know what you think and comment below! 'Dance On My Own' is also available to buy on iTunes now! 



So this is one of my different styles of post which I wanted to share with all of you. 

I wanted to show you some of my illustrations I do on Paper 53. I have been doing some of these of catwalk outfits for a while, so I thought I should try and do some of my own photos. I have started sketching my outfits from the beginning of my blog on my iPad mini and this is the result.

I love fashion illustration as well as photography and my digital style is inspired by Tobie Giddio, (check out her work here!) Garance Dore, (who also started as a blogger! See her blog here!) Rene Gruau and many more. I love the use of lines to convey the contours of the clothing on the body and the way the item looks depending on its material or structure. 

So these are my first two outfits, from way back in April, of my example on how to wear breton stripes two ways and my linear illustration interpretation. Hope you like them! Comment below on what you think! 



Dungarees - Primark
White Boxy Shirt - ASOS
Black Double Buckle Sliders - Primark 
Black Cross Body Bag - Primark

So I’m back with one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. I bought these dungarees from Primark quite a while ago now and intentionally got them in a bigger size for an oversize look. (obviously!) The only problem I had with these is a gap around my waist which is nothing a bit of sewing can’t fix! I love how versatile these are with the whole, one-strap/two-strap dilemma when wearing them. I suppose it depends on how casual you feel! 

This time I decided on the two strap formality as I paired them with my boxy crop shirt for a more formal look! I usually love to sling these on belted at the waist with the top folded like an apron and with a causal crop top for ultimate comfort and a 90’s Destiny’s Child/Lauryn Hill vibe. 

Hope you like my outfit! (P.S. Apologies for my squinting! Should have put my sunglasses on!) 


I'm Back!

So I've been away from my Blog, LOOKBOOK and ASOS Fashion Finder for far too long due to other commitments and holidays I have had this summer. I am eager to start posting a lot more with outfit updates, and other new themed posts which you can look out for. I want to share with all of you all the different kinds of media that inspire my style. I appreciate all comments left on my blog so much and its lovely to meet all of you in the blogging community! Thankyou guys!


My Favourite Trousers

White Bardot Off-the-shoulder Crop - Topshop 
Pink Gingham Trousers - Charity Shop
Denim Jacket - eBay
Black Faux Leather Cross Body Bag - Primark 
Triangle Earrings - Primark 
White Buckle Sliders - Primark 

So I had a very casual day today and decided to wear my favourite and very comfortable high waist (my favourite fit) gingham trousers! I found these a few years back in one of the many charity shops my little town has to offer! They are so comfy and a little bit big but I like that in a trouser because you can wear them slouchy or cinch them in with a belt to give a paper bag waist look. 

I chose to wear one of my off the shoulder tops because they are great for no tan lines when the sun is out and expose enough skin to keep you cool. I did feel the need to compromise the bare shoulders with some statement earrings. 

Hope you like my outfit! Oh and you can see my cat wanted to take part again in one of the photos, bless her! She photobombed me! 


Mint Midi

So thanks to everyone who voted for my in the ASOS Fashion Finder Awards because I came runner up in my category and I was just happy to be nominated so you can image my ecstasy of actually placing somewhere! I got a reward as a result of this and I have been after this dress for a while so this is what I bought! 

Textured Drop Hem Dress - ASOS 
Double Buckle Sliders - Primark
Mock Croc Bag - Charity Shop (Originally River Island) 
Jewellery - Primark 

I love the drop hemline look and it is so comfortable and nice and breezy on hot summer days! I wore it this weekend just past for a meal out and a trip to the cinema and arcade with my friends! I also love the mint colour, it goes perfect with silver, which is why I chose to wear my new jewellery. 

Oh and this is one of my cats! Her name is Spider, she is my chubby Spidercat! 

Hope you like my outfit! 

Cyprus - Green Crop and Gingham Midi

So I am back from my holiday and I haven’t actually got many pictures to show you! I had a much needed break and didn’t want to fuss about taking photos like usual so I only have one outfit post to show you! 

I wore this to dinner one night when we had a traditional Cypriot Meze and it was amazing! Thank god for skirts that hide food filled tummies!  

Green “R” Crop - River Island
Cream Gingham Midi - Primark 
Black “Cross-Body” Bag - Primark
White Double Buckle Sliders - Primark 

Hope you like my hummus hiding outfit! 


Topshop Haul

So I am off on holiday this afternoon and thought I'd share my Topshop purchases if you saw my last outfit post you will see a couple of my most recent purchases from the amazing Topshop! 

I bought these two off-the-shoulder crop tops in black and white because I love buying things in different colours! and I love the feminine feel they give you when you have your shoulders out! 

The cream triangle bralet was a risky purchase for me as my boobs are on the larger side but I loved it too much and it was in the sale! I rarely bare my chest so I thought as I am going on holiday then why not! Because of the scuba material it is stronger than a jersey bralet and holds my E-cup breasts in place perfectly! 

This floral clutch is one of my favourite purchases and I have been after it for a while and when I saw it was in the sale, it went straight into the basket! it is quite a thick material and almost feels quilted and it the perfect size for holiday essentials in the evening! 

Lastly is this statement necklace which I also got in the sale! But usually when you buy jewellery in the sale is has a part missing but this doesn’t! It has both gold and silver tones on the necklace which I would usually shy away form but the turquoise and purple stones complement the colours perfectly! It is also the perfect length to sit down my cleavage when wearing my new bralet! 

Hope you like my new purchases!