Denim Dress


(Queue the poses...) 
Denim Dress - Charity Shop (Similar
White Boxy Shirt - ASOS
Charcoal Wool Coat - Primark (Similar)
Chelsea Boots - Primark (Similar

I found this little dress in the charity shop a while back, and I knew there was the tiniest smidgen of a gap for it in my wardrobe (why is there never enough room?). £7 later it was in my bag. SOLD. 

Now, when I bought the button down bargain. It was a midi, and I was very tempted to keep it like that. But I begun to think it looked like maternity wear, aaaand out came the scissors! So I put the dress on and measured around-about where I wanted to cut it it. Off the dress came and I snipped away…

However, what I didn’t take into account during this process is the fact it was my day off. Why is this relevant you may ask? Well, day off = no bra. (Obviously) So after my alterations, dress + bra = vagina out. Maths aside, dress was a little bit shorter than anticipated. This isn’t the first time it has happened either. I just get too scissor happy!? WHY DO I NEVER LEARN?!

But, fear not little ones, I came up with the breast solution. (Geddit?!) THE SPORTS BRA. Ultimate comfort, support and slightly flattened boobies, which means the dress doesn’t look to short. Genius, I know. 

Now, you may ask, was it worth all the hassle in the end? Yes is the answer. I love this cute little outfit and I got this cute little story out of it. Because every good outfit needs a story right?

Yes. Yes it does. 

I hope my little tale bought a smile to ya face. 

Love to the kids. 


Pinstripe & Polo Part 1

Been a while, hasn’t it?! 

Well, my little chickeroo’s, I’m back. 

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you should btw..) then you will have probably seen these little beauties. They actually look like the lovechild of the items I’m wearing in my last two outfit posts. Pinstripes + Culottes = obviously my new favourite trousies! 

These little babies are my fave, not only because they remind me of DKNY SS16 (LOOK!) but also because they are comfy cosy! Although I do wish they were a little more A-line style, but you can’t have it all can you! 

In other news, I really am trying to stick to my new year goals and wear more colour but the monochrome life seems to have chosen me! Apart from my cute little yella pom obvs. 
(That pout tho... my lordy.)

Posing over; here's where my garms are from!  

White sleeveless polo neck - ASOS (Similar
Pinstripe culottes - New Look (Similar
Leather backpack - New Look (Similar
Chelsea boots - Primark (Similar
Pom pom - Dune 

Anyway, thats all form me! Not much else to say apart from, I hope you like my outfit! 

All t’best. 


That's Culotte.


It's a tricky one, the culotte. But I believe there is a knack to it. Witness my wisdom... 

In all honesty, I wasn't sure, but alike everything in the fashion world, I'm willing to give it a go. 

I bought this pair a while ago and have never been confident in wearing them until now. Whether thats just my confidence changing or my beliefs in a trouser. I'm not sure...

A-n-y-way... these culottes are perfect for me because they have a slight A-line structure, the secret ingredient, the dream in fact, if you are busty like me. Because the width will balance your boobs out and accentuate your waist, therefore creating a more hourglass-like figure. They also look more like a skirt from far away and/or at first glance, which is like two outfits in one? Who needs a costume change? 

Don't get me wrong, I'm partial to a straight leg culotte too, but I just think the wider leg suits me better. Oh and I do love a bit of houndstooth/prince of wales check. 

and that's culotte. (works so much better with shallot, food puns are the greatest, BUT, this post is about pants, it'll have to do.)

muchos luvos