All Black Interview

Black Polo - Charity Shop (Similar
Black Peg Trouser - ASOS
Sleeveless Jacket - StreetTalk (Similar
Boots - Primark (Similar
Bag - Zara 
Bracelet Watch - Skagen 
Skinny Belt - Primark (Similar)
Pom Pom - Dune 

As winter approaches, bright colours start to seem that little bit too summery and I resort back to the old faithful, black. Which I will now make a conscious effort to stop doing. Need some jazziness to brighten up the constant grey skies of Southampton!

I finally got me hands on a polo neck, and from a cheeky charity shop. Not too bad at all. Also got this sleeveless jacket/blazer from a little store in Redhill called StreetTalk for only £15! BARGAIN MATE! 

Earlier this week I wore this for an interview, as I believed it was just the right amount of smart/casj. I think high necks can be chameleon-like depending on the style of top or jumper. The one I am wearing today could be seen as more formal, however my slouchy knit is more casual! My sleeveless jacket adds a little formality like a normal blazer would, but not as much due to the lack of long sleeve-age. I could have probably worded that better, however I am sure you get my drift. 

Also due to the insane wind down here and probably the rest of the UK. Having my hair up in a couple cheeky dutch braids, gets it out the way nicely and I get to look like Jar Jar Binks for the day. (If you don’t know. Get in the bin.) 

Anyway enough rambling on. Hope ya like my ensemble. Would love to see what you lot would wear to an interview or what you think of my choices. 

All t’ best. 


LivBehindLenses X Brulimar

If you didn’t catch my post a few days ago about my collaboration with Brulimar, check it here or simply have a scroll down my lovers! 

I was lucky enough to receive not only one but two pairs of frames from the optical group to review, and the second pair I chose were tinted sunglasses frames. Funny really, because ever since I can remember I have got a 2 for 1 deal with my specs and I always choose both normal and a pair of sunnies! Bargain queen strikes again! *hurr flip*

So usually when selecting my sunnies, preferably I like my frames quite large. Sometimes I even choose sunglasses frames to have my clear prescription lens in. Because they tend to be bigger than the normal frames and to simply adhere to cliché, the bigger the better!

I also get laughed at quite a lot for wearing my prescription sunnies but ‘Frankly my dears I don't give a damn’. They are so much easier than having to put in contact lenses every time its sunny. (Mr and Mrs contact lens and I are not the best of pals) Also, now there are so many shapes and styles of frames that no one would ever know, prescription or not!

These Bench sunglasses also have a cat eye shape to them like the Lee Cooper frames, only not as harsh or angular. You can tell I’m a fan of that shape and variation of the style, I think these are more modern looking compared to the other style which may be why I seem to be extra posey (lol at my face) and I also love the tortoise shell colouring. GORGE. They seem to have bought the diva out in me as well. Giving some serious pout face there. Blimey.

Brulimar hold one of the largest portfolios of frames for adults, teens and children. Whether you are looking for specialist sunglasses sizes, I have a huge head, there’s no shame! Fashion brands, or even collections on a budget, you don’t have to compromise on quality. Check out the website here!

The sun is still just about shining through those clouds this October in the UK, so sunnies are clearly still a necessity. 


Fashion Week Recap

Okay, so I know fashion week (or month more like) finished around 2/3 weeks ago, but due to having a lot on at work, I haven’t had the time to post about it. Seoul and Tokyo fashion week weren't that long ago either, so I'm sure the buzz is still around! 

I have pinned my favourite looks from the catwalk to my SS16 board if you want to check it out, but here are a few I have picked to show you guys! Enjoy! 

Beginning with Balmain, well, what can I say. UHmazing. Loving the jewelled dresses and skirts, the crossover heels, and the colour palette. Gorgeous! Also, I’m still waiting for that call from Olivier Rousteing with my invite to be part of the #BALMAINARMY. Any day now...

Chanel, not a huge fan of the collection this season, however I will always love that classic tweed, this little pink number especially. Also they always seem to nail it with accessories. That bag with the clear chain strap. GIMME. 

DKNY. Massively loving the pinstripe. Gonna be all over my wardrobe after payday. The simplicity of this collection is what I love most, definitely will be imitating this red lip with monochrome look, at LEAST twice a week. 

Emilio Pucci. Sequins. Always Sequins. 

Emporio Armani, Colour palette. YES. Alike DKNY, the casual twist on suits and tailoring is reeling me in. Mine now yes?!

Givenchy. What comes to mind is underwear as outerwear. I’m aaaall over it. Also this ombre dress is phenomenal. 

MaxMara. Stripes. Give me all of em. 

Moschino. I do wonder what is going on in Jeremy Scotts head sometimes. I love it though. Serious boot envy going on.

Saint Laurent. Ima sucker for animal print. Mixed with cosy knits. Winning. Oh and if that cheetah bomber does’t make an appearance in my wardrobe in the next 2 weeks. I will make a scene. 

Valentino. Definitely a contender for being my favourite show. The hair. Love. The tribal detailing is gorgeous, especially some of the embroidery. Talent. This tassel/fringe dress is up there with the Cheetah bomber for being my favourite item from the whole of SS16. 

Finally, Versace Versace Versace (Sorry, you have to sing it.) Happened again, I fell at my keyboard for the animal print. This time in that beautiful green and my fave colour - purple.   The shoes and bags are lubbly too. Gimme

(Photos by iMAXTREE, from www.harpersbazaar.co.uk)

I think I actually will play the lottery now. 

Let me know what you think about my little selection.



High Neck Swing

High Neck Swing Dress - Topshop
Long Sleeve Crop - Topshop (Similar)
OTK Boots - eBay 
Bomber Jacket - Primark (Similar) 
Reversible Tote - ZARA
Pom Pom - Dune

Apologies for the rather serious face here. CHEER UP LIV.

So like every other autumn, layering is back. We all gots to wrap up warm, especially in the UK because it gets bladdy nippy

So I have been umming and ahhing over the polo/turtle/high neck, because I am prone to a double chin. (If you don't have one, eat some cake for gods sake!) I was also pondering over the colour of this dress because, although I love the powder blue, I am trés pale and it may wash me out! But I thought, chuck it in the fuck it bucket. (Scusi) The colour will go with my hair and the swing style is flattering for my currrvez. 

So back to my point about layering I wanted to layer polo necks underneath normal sleeveless garments but have ended up kind of doing it differently! However I do still have my eyes peeled for some high necks if anyone wants to suggest some?! 

Whaddya think? Hope you like my long sleeve layaz!

Adios chicas! 


LivBehindLenses x Brulimar

When reading through my favourite blogs, I love it when I see girls in glasses. To me, my glasses are a huge part of who I am. I just feel like I don't look right without them and I have actually quite often been referred to as 'the one with the glasses' by some people, (seriously) which further adds to my point that they are what makes me, me. 

Sometimes I like to say that I'm hiding behind them, and on some days that may be the case, (definitely hangover days) but I actually just love wearing them. Its like having another accessory which you can change up depending on your mood or your outfit! 

When Brulimar contacted me about reviewing a pair of their glasses I jumped at the chance because you don’t see it much on other blogs, and its something I want to write about. Hopefully you will want to read about it too!

These cat eye frames by Lee Cooper particularly caught my eye, as my eyes aren't particularly feminine looking because of my super straight eyelashes (bane of my life). I think the shape gives the illusion of a lift in the corner of my eye and adds a flirty, fifties femininity despite the bold shape and style. Lastly, I love the ombre burgundy colour these have, as it goes with my reddish hair colour and co-ordinates are for the win right!

This particular style* is also available in a light, demi-brown ombre style and a darker brown pattern perfect for you spexy (eyy!) blondes and brunettes out there. If you want to be matchy-matchy like me of course. 

If you don’t like my frames, you can leave…

I joke. I joke. Brulimar hold one of the largest portfolios of frames for adults, teens and children. Whether you are looking for specialist sizes, fashion brands, fashion collections or even budget collections, you don’t have to compromise on quality. Check it out here! 

Hope you like my new spec-ta-clayyy and whilst you're here you may as well have a snoop at what else Brulimar optical group have to offer! 

Go on. 

I know you want to.