Topshop Haul

So I am off on holiday this afternoon and thought I'd share my Topshop purchases if you saw my last outfit post you will see a couple of my most recent purchases from the amazing Topshop! 

I bought these two off-the-shoulder crop tops in black and white because I love buying things in different colours! and I love the feminine feel they give you when you have your shoulders out! 

The cream triangle bralet was a risky purchase for me as my boobs are on the larger side but I loved it too much and it was in the sale! I rarely bare my chest so I thought as I am going on holiday then why not! Because of the scuba material it is stronger than a jersey bralet and holds my E-cup breasts in place perfectly! 

This floral clutch is one of my favourite purchases and I have been after it for a while and when I saw it was in the sale, it went straight into the basket! it is quite a thick material and almost feels quilted and it the perfect size for holiday essentials in the evening! 

Lastly is this statement necklace which I also got in the sale! But usually when you buy jewellery in the sale is has a part missing but this doesn’t! It has both gold and silver tones on the necklace which I would usually shy away form but the turquoise and purple stones complement the colours perfectly! It is also the perfect length to sit down my cleavage when wearing my new bralet! 

Hope you like my new purchases! 

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Floral Shirt

Floral Crop Shirt - Topshop 
Black Mesh Midi Dress - H&M
Faux Leather Backpack - Primark 
Black Double Buckle Sliders - Primark
Silver Padlock Chain - Topshop 

So this was the outfit I wore for my birthday meal with my dad on thursday. I bought the shirt a while back and I just fell in love with it but I don’t know if you can tell but it is slightly off-coloured as a blue item in the wash turned it a funny colour. It isn’t that noticeable and I love it so I’m still gonna wear it! 

This midi dress is perfect to layer over as it is quite a thin material and I can rock it as a skirt! I love the mesh panelling on the bottom and it is just so comfortable! I chose to match black and silver accessories and I think a purple lip would work really well too! 

Hope you like my outfit! 
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Black Bardot

Black Bardot Crop - Topshop
High Waist Tailored Trousers - ASOS
White Pointed Courts - H&M
Floral Clutch - Topshop
Gold Triangle Earrings - Primark   

So I thought I would share with you the outfit I wore for my birthday party which was last saturday! Yes it is slightly like Sandy’s outfit for “You’re The One That I Want” form Grease, but I LOVE IT! In my next post I will show you my latest Topshop haul and how I got my hand on two of these off the shoulder tops and this new floral clutch! But this top is great because I love the Brigitte Bardot feel it gives me! I will probably end up getting a long sleeve crop too! 

I bought these trousers from ASOS about a month ago as I wanted some smarter ones and I love the high waist fit and they are so comfy and the tailoring cleverly disguises my tummy which is an added bonus! 

I got these pointed white courts in H&M about a year ago and they were only £7 which is amazing and they are surprisingly comfy! I love the way they just give my black two piece a little contrasting edge and I added some gold jewellery and Voila! My outfit complete! Hope you like it! 
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Bikini Haul

So I am going on holiday tomorrow and I thought I would share with you all my recent swimwear purchases! Year after year I go for block colour and they always have to be matching, I just can;t work the mix and match colour trend with bikinis. I don’t like it for some reason! So I came across these three lovely two-pieces and I love them! 
The yellow high waisted set with purple floral print is from ASOS (and I think you can still buy the set here!) and I love how high they come up on my waist. Compared to other bikinis I have tried on, these sit in just the right place and thats hard to find because I am taller than most! 
Secondly this lovely leaf print bikini caught my eye straight away and luckily enough it was the last one in the shop and it was my size! Perfect! This set is from Primark! (would you believe it?!) and I think it was only £4 for the top and bottoms! Best bargain ever! It is so comfortable as well, especially on my boobs and I think it holds sufficiently despite having no underwire!
Lastly is the blue and gold leopard print number from River Island. This was also a bargain as it was in the sale and also luckily one of the last in my size! The rise on the high waist bottoms is not as good as my ASOS bikini as thy come up shorter but this could just be because I’m tall! The top is also quite a funny structure and the whole front is lined with wire. If you have bought a bikini from River Island before then you will understand where I’m coming from but it is quite hard to explain! 
So these are my three bikinis for my impending holiday tomorrow (WOOOO!!) and I can’t wait to wear them! Hope you like them! 
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Blue Tiled Jumpsuit

Blue Tiled Jumpsuit - Primark
White Crochet Jumper - Next 
White Double Birkenstock Sliders - Primark 
Black Leather Backpack - Primark 
Silver Necklaces - H&M
Rings - Primark

Sorry its been a while since my last outfit post! But I’m back now although I am going on holiday next week so I’ll be off again! Busy busy busy! Anyway I bought this jumpsuit about a month back and I absolutely love the little tile print! This jumpsuit is so light and goes in at all the right places, for example, the waist, the smallest part of your body and the wide leg style just skims over the rest of your lumps and bumps! 

I pinched this jumper off my mum and thought it goes with the jumpsuit perfectly, and is perfect to just throw over when you are feeling chilly. I wore my new white sandals to match the jumper and because they are so comfy! 

I added silver jewellery because I think it compliments the blue better than gold would and my leafher rucksack because it has silver buckles and spikes and I don’t like to clash gold and silver, is it just me that does that? I can be a bit odd with stuff like that! 

I hope you like my new flamingo which my friend got me for my birthday! Which is today if you wanted to know! I hope you like my outfit too! 
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Primark Haul

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone, I have been busy planning my holiday next week and have been busy shopping and working! I thought I’d share with you my latest finds from Primark as they have some amazing things in at the moment and I have always been a bargain hunter! My friends always ask me how I find all the best stuff and its because I’m that girl that you will see in the store being swallowed by the rails in a furious rummage and on my hands and kneed determined to find my size in the shoe section! (I actually did this for one pair of these sandals!)

So I found these amazing Birkenstock dupes in both black and white and have been after them for quite a while now. I was so near to buying the reasonably priced £20 pair from Topshop and then as I was browsing through my favourite blogs I noticed someone had a pair from Primark which was a result! At only £5 each these sliders are the perfect thing for wearing by the pool and even just slipping on to pop out this summer. I am also one of those people who like to have the same item of clothing or accessory in the same colour and being so cheap! Why wouldn’t I buy both!?

As for the jewellery, Primark are doing so well with all the little midi rings and I love silver at the moment! I bought a pack of 4 midi and a pack of 5 normal ones which were patterned and one had an elephant on it! A must buy! The little bracelets came in a pack and I thought were so sweet so I had to have them! The two big rings I bought separately and I wear them all the time as I like to think they give a boho edge to my look. 

Next the white pinstripe baseball jersey is something I have also been after for a while now and I was delighted to see a version in the store. I also bought this because it would work as a perfect cardigan or throw on over a bikini by the pool! I love it and it nails the monochrome trend too!

The two lace vests I bought in a couple of sizes too big so I could throw them over a bikini or a bandeau dress for the evening and of course I had to get one in both colours! 

Lastly the little black bag was actually labelled as a camera bag but I think its perfect for a little cross-body/shoulder bag for the daytime and the evening and is the perfect size to keep all the necessary essentials in! 

Hope you like my bargains! All in all I think they came to around £30 altogether! Not bad eh!

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Do you want lies with that?

So recently one of my very talented friends, Jen, from college got in touch regarding a university project for her knitwear and asked me to be the photographer. I absolutely love her work and of course I wasn’t going to turn her down! So we got in the studio and started shooting and I was so pleased with the results. I loved her knitted vest piece with pvc layer, titled “do you want lies with that?”. Her model Jaz was brilliant in front of the camera, very confident and followed my direction brilliantly. Jen also required a makeup artist and it just happens that my housemate Hayley is a make-up artist! She worked quickly and to high standards creating the look Jen wanted. 

Click here to see Jen and Hayley’s other work on their Facebook pages and give them a Like! - Jenny Rose Knitwear & Hayley Dott Makeup and Hair 

Here are a few of the images we created, I hope you like them! Comment what you think below!


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Field of Flowers

My friend Elle told me about this field full of bright yellow flowers and we both went to take pictures for my projects but I forgot my memory card! I am so clumsy and forgetful it is unreal! Anyway that was quite a while ago now and recently we decided to go back. This time we went and all the flowers were gone, we think they may have been harvested for rapeseed oil. The field still looked lovely and I had my memory card this time so we still took pictures and they came out pretty well. 

Black Lace Top - H&M
Denim Asymetric Skirt - Topshop
White Lace Up Boots - H&M
Flower Crown - Urban Outfitters 
Gold Watch - Topshop

My friend Elle told me about this field full of bright yellow flowers and we both went to take pictures for my projects but I forgot my memory card! I am so clumsy and forgetful it is unreal! Anyway that was quite a while ago now and recently we decided to go back. This time we went and all the flowers were gone, we think they may have been harvested for rapeseed oil. The field still looked lovely and I had my memory card this time so we still took pictures and they came out pretty well. 

We both took photos for each other as I wanted her to shoot my outfits for festivals (which you can see in my two previous posts, Lime Jumpsuit & Hippie Handkerchief Hem - the outfit I am wearing in these pictures) and then I shot some of Elle for my upcoming projects and because it was a lovely location. 

Hope you like them! 
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