The Other Fresh Prince

Carlton T-Shirt - Primark Man (Similar)
Geometric Trousers - New Look (Similar)
Waterfall Duster Coat - Vila @ ASOS (Similar)
Adidas Leopard ZX Flux - Foot Locker (Similar)

My outfit today is a little bit throwback, not just because it has a little nineties vibe but because a few months back I posted an outfit with my Will Smith tee and today I’m posting my Carlton tee, hence the name of my post! I wear this all the time and my friends roll their eyes when i have it on but strangers seem to compliment me. Either way I’m not gonna stop wearing it! 

I thought I might clash a few prints today as well, I decided to bust out another pair of clown trousers, this time its my geometric pattern purple ones, these are so comfy swell which is a bonus. I think the leopard print on my trainers makes them pop perfectly and they are a go to combo for me when I want to be colourful - keeping to my resolution. 

I hope you like my outfit and it gives you the confidence to attempt a print and colour clash too! If I can do it, anyone can! 


BlackJack & A Touch of Sass

First of all, for some reason my GIF won't work, so there isn't one in this post! (Sorry)

Jack Daniels Vest - And Finally @ Topshop
Black Mesh Midi Dress - H&M (Similar)
Pink Coat - River Island (Similar)
Green Fur Stole - Boohoo (Similar)
Nike Air Force 1 Hi - Office

So in my opinion, 2015 is the year of the sass. Everyone is saying it, acting it and being as fierce as the little brunette emoji working that hair flip. For me it doesn't take much, a good mood, an empowering song, or a feel good outfit. One thing that does help is a little bit of fur. All fake of course to avoid a fashion faux pas. 

There is just something about the texture which oozes glamour and you can’t help but feel it when you wear it. You can probably tell by my pictures this week, I got a little to into it but hey, who wants boring ootd pics when you can look this sassy! For a killer combo team a bold lip with your fluffy textures for even more gumption! (thank you Kate Winslet, The Holiday). 

I hope my more playful expressions and body language help you bring out your inner fabulousness. LUFF LUFF. 


My First Pair Of Culottes

Prince of Wales Check Culottes - Boohoo
Long Sleeve Crop - Topshop
Camel Coat - Missguided
Leopard Zip Boots - Pink Soda @ Bank (Similar)
Mock Croc Cross Body Bag - Charity Shop (Similar)

First of all, I'd like to apologise for my weird squinty facial expressions in these pictures, I think it was a mixture of sun in my eyes and maybe trying to channel a moody look, embarrassing I know. SOZ. Oh and also I have tried out a fade effect on my GIF, whaddya think? I know its a little jumpy and not quite right yet, but hey, practice makes perfect right. I'll be GIFted (eheheh) at making these soon. 

I remember watching my mum get ready when I was younger and like most little girls, loving it. Whether it was for work or a night out, I remember her putting on a pair of plain black culottes and being confused as to whether they were shorts or trousers in my fashion naivety. 

I had the same feeling towards them more recently when I saw them reappearing in the street style snaps. But like most trends I have been won over and now own a pair! I love that these are wide leg and could be mistaken as a skirt. SURPRISE! 

Anyway, I hope you like how I’ve styled them! Thanks for reading! 


Clown Trousers

Burgandy Floral Trousers - Glamorous
White Boxy Shirt - ASOS
Waterfall Duster Coat - Vila @ ASOS (Similar)
Adidas Leopard ZX Flux - Foot Locker (Similar)
Reversible Tote - Zara

I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet but I tend to lean towards a printed trouser. My friend calls them my clown trousers and I LOVE them. These are my fave at the mo as they seem to match my hair! I always wear them with monochrome clothing whether its a plain black tee or white shirt etc. I don’t think I’m confident enough to match a printed top yet but I do like to mix my leopard trainers or boots! You can’t really go wrong with leopard in my opinion! 

To be honest I think I need a little more leopard in my wardrobe, and more clown trousers. 


Dressing with Flare

The question has been on my mind for a while now and I thought I should share it with everyone as part of my new post content resolution. 

To flare or not to flare? 

With the seventies style being centre focus of the fashion world right now, the bohemian, hippy vibes are back withOUT a vengeance and with nothing but peace and love. Personally, I am all for them. Alas it seems everyone around me is saying no. Males and females alike all disagree. Except a few minorities which when shown an outfit post, will they then be swayed, but it seems to be only by a certain type of flared trouser.

I think the issue lies within the term ‘flares’ and we can’t help but think of our fashion faux past. 

One of the worst styling moments in my fashion history, had to be wearing my baby-pink... corduroy... FLARED... dungarees. Don’t get me wrong, I loved them at the time. But looking back, I can see the fear of the trend going down that hideous path once again. However, I think if they are styled properly they are coming back as hot as the pyrotechnic! 

So I am massively in need, yes need, of a pair, whether it be jersey or denim. See below the sacredly sassy pair I have my eyes on right now. Amazing yes? ...No?

I think the wide leg, palazzo pant is the flared trouser that everyone is comfortable with right now and also a hot piece to have in your wardrobe, but I have flare fever and bell bottom bravery is on my brain. Therefore its a yes from me. 

As I know mine are quite "out-there" check out these safer styles here...

ASOS High Waist Jersey Flares (Image courtesy of ASOS)

Glamorous Tall Striped Wide Leg Culottes (Image courtesy of ASOS) 

What do you think?

Stay in the seventies? or succumb to flare fever?


Can't Touch This

Sequin Slogan Tee - Topshop
Khaki Peg Trousers - ASOS
Camel Coat - Missguided 
Nike Air Force 1’s - Office
Faux Leather Rucksack - Primark (Similar

So, back in January I posted a wish list of Topshop desirables and immediately afterwards I remembered I had two gift cards from my lovely family left over from christmas! So I had to buy this Tee! I am obsessed with sequins right now and I love a slogan tee. Match made. 

Also I would like to apologise for my big hair. I thought I would embrace the frizz and it would die down after A LONG TIME blow drying. Alas it is still astronimcal, but don’t get me wrong I kind of love it. 

Again I’m wearing these high waist peg trousers, I said in an earlier post that I have 5 pairs. A little obsessed but they are so comfy and I love them! So why not! I hope you like my sparkly daytime outfit! I think MC Hammer would be proud… Maybe…


String Vest

Black Crop Tee - Primark (this was a little DIY number, Similar here.) 
Black String Vest - Urban Outfitters 
Black Peg Trousers - ASOS
Timberland Classic Boots - ASOS
Shearling Bomber - Topshop (Similar)

I have had this string vest for a while now and I also have it in white but have been unsure how to style it or if it even suits me at all. Well, thanks to the beauty that is Olivia Emily and her elegantly fabulous style inspiration. I decided to layer it like I have seen Olivia do, specifically in this outfit post and also with her fishnets under her ripped jeans, amazing idea, thank you, definitely trying this! So you neeeed to Check her out, she is definitely one of my favourite bloggers, oh and I have serious leg and hair envy, both of which, long and GORGEOUS!

Now I know my outfits a little dark and I’m supposed to be sticking to my resolutions by wearing more colour... but, mixing texture counts too right? Teamed with a cosy warm Bomber jacket (which was in the sale! Result, I know.) and chunky timberlands for a comfy chilled day at uni catching up with work. So have a go at layering with texture, whether it is mesh, lace, fishnet, or something else just as fabulous! The possibilities are endless! (cliché. I know) 

I hope you like my outfit and I wonder what you will string together...
(Geddit?! STRING! [String vest] mwhahahahahah!) 


Quick Fix For Cosy Days

Oversize Polo Neck - H&M (Similar) 
Green Check Cape - New Look 
Cami Vest Dress - Primark
Timberland Classic Boots - ASOS
Reversible Tote - Zara 

This is my idea of a perfect hangover or wake up late outfit. You can’t go wrong with a big jumper, especially when they are big enough to wear as a dress. Mine may look a little short here but it has shrunk in the wash a little and it just needs to be worn in a little more for that extra stretchiness.

The oversize jumper is the perfect solution to effortless style. Thrown over a pair of your favourite jeans or teamed with tights. It goes with pretty much anything and doesn't require any discomfort or awkward fastenings. There are loads on the high-street at the moment, affordable and long lasting, mine was only £30 and I’m never getting rid of it. 

The oversize jumper is definitely a piece to include in any capsule wardrobe, more specifically for winter, but for chilly evenings in summer too. Imagine throwing this little number on at the beach when it starts to get a little breezy and watch the sun go down with a cocktail or five. Ahh dreaming of summer already. 

Anyway back to reality. Hope you like my outfit and quick fix for hangover style. 


Comic Relief Tee

Vintage Leopard Coat - eBay (Similar)
Unisex Comic Relief Tee - TK Maxx 
Black Ripped Joni Jeans - Topshop
Black Faux Suede Boots - Primark (Similar)
Black A4 Notebook - TK Maxx

Every year in March people get together and start raising money for Comic & Sport relief, the years alternate by theme and this year its Comedy’s turn again. Personally its my favourite of the two as I’m not very sporty, if you couldn’t tell, and they make these amazing t-shirts. I already have 2 of the tops from 2011 and 2013 and I love them. 

This year I also decided to buy a notebook because I love the quote on the front “I have a cunning plan” and the rose I’m holding was an lovely early valentines gift from my housemate! At least I can say I got something! 
Check out the rest of the Comic relief collection here, modelled by Lily Allen. 
A group of designers including Karl Lagerfeld, Diane Von Furstenberg, Anya Hindmarch, Henry Holland (Mine) and Matthew Williamson. I love all of them but the reason I chose mine is because I love the quote from the TV show GIRLS, Lena Dunham is a genius. It also has that 80’s “FRANKIE SAYS RELAX” feel.  (Photo courtesy of tkmaxx.com

Hope you like how I’ve chosen how to style my tee and go and get one yourself! It’s for charity!