I was thinking to myself about what to post with this sasstacular get up and I could probably waffle on about sparkles, velvet, fishnets and how much I LOVE this and that… 

Or I could tell you all what I believe is essential for a tip top evening! This would involve mass alcohol consumption, a multitude of sins and zero levels of sobriety...


The Right Leopard

The thing with leopard is, its either FABULOUS or tacky AF. There is a very fine line between the two and being selective is the way forward in my (poorly sighted) eyes. 


I Miss Uni.

I remember writing a post not so long ago about how much I love being home, (which I can’t remember if I ever posted or not?! Soz.) and I do love it. It’s crackalackin’.  

All my bestestest buds are here and I LOVE IT because we do stuff all the time, and they are my faves ever and they make me laugh and I LOVE THEM. 

But I do miss my uni friends (and the uni life) like crazy…