Suede, Sequins & Silver


 Get me to the bar!

Anyone else getting a strong Coyote Ugly vibe from this outfit? The suede bomber and the silver boots combo AMIRIGHT? 

Also, thoughts on that bright pink lip? It looks so much more subtle when you are applying and then BAM, BARBIE. It’s only a MUA liner, £2.99 packs a punch! 


My Funny Valentine

Ello treacles!! 
I don’t understand why so many people hate this day. Even if they are in a relationship?! Yeah yeah its all a marketing con and really, we probably shouldn’t spend so much money on it. Something like 70 million squids were spent this weekend just gone. (Think of the shoes we all could have bought with that money… heartbroken.) Bit of a waste really but its always nice to show someone you love them. 

We shouldn’t need a special date anyway! I mean, personally, I expect cute cards every Monday and fancy flowers on Fridays, but expectations and reality can be quite different… 

Have a little scroll to see the message I received from my tinder match this morning. Who said romance was dead?!


Role Models

Happy Friday you gorgeous lot.

I bloody love this dress right now. This whole corset detail thing going round. BIG FAN. Underwear as outwear is the one.

Now, I’m gonna have a ramble about self confidence, Instagram and jelly. Have a scroll and check it below!


Double Velvet

Happy Monday lovelies.  

Can I just say, how good does velvet look when its photographed?! I bloody love it.  

Also, I did plan for my hair and top to match. It's become a thing now. 
Didn't you know?!   


Herringbone Hand-me-down.


At long last, dreary old January is over. SOZ JAN but you are Terry Beale *(scroll for explanation if unsure).  

So February is here and spring is just around the corner. GIMME ALL THE SUNSHINE PLZ.