Being a bit Shirty.

I believe I am a little late.

Sunday night, I promised a blog post would be up the following day. Well I've been busy.

Lisa (Mum) and I have started watching Downton Abbey from the beginning. Yes I'm late to the party AGAIN, but I don't care. Maggie Smith is bloody hilarious. I keep expecting her to speak like McGonagall though... 


All Black Isn’t All Boring

Good morning, noon and night. 

The contents of my wardrobe is predominately this beautiful darkness. Mostly by choice. 

It’s a nightmare to find anything amongst the many shades of black, (TUNE) but it goes with everything, so I’m going to stop trying to fight it, and just embrace it. 



Thought I’d drag the old new year new me out into two posts, because I just have far too many outfits to share with you. 

I decided to set 6 month targets this time, maybe they will be more attainable? Lets think of them as Guidelines. Who knows what will happen, check back with me in July. 

Here's a sassy little number I wore out recently to distract you from the bore of 'motivation'.



I had a bit of a break over xmas and new year. SO SHOOT ME? I had a bloody brilliant time, thanks for asking. 

Now, I had a little look at my “GOALZ” from last year and I seemed to have actually achieved something! 

Meanwhile on your scroll down, here's an outfit that reminds me of Emma Thompson's character in Love Actually, don't ask me why, it just does?! (Sidenote - ALL THE FEELS WHEN SHE OPENS THE JONI MITCHELL CD)


Sparkle's at the Ready

Hello my little elves. 

Not long to go now! Old Saint Nick will be hopping down your chimneys in no time, don’t you worry. 

Topic of discussion today is festive dress. I say discussion, really its just my colloquial waffling. Lucky you!!